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If I'm not posting, that not means that I stopped progressing.
S@$t I can't post all the good concepts I'm making literally every 2 days


I'm faving only those works, which are really impressive and made by awesome guys
( and useful tutorials too )



Right now I've made a whole bunch of art, sketches, concepts so... "The explosion" will commence soon
Does anyone knows, how to post midi files on deviantart?
I just created a preety finished music composition.
umm... people, maybe I should do comic instead of storyboarding for animation? Because I recently discovered that I'm preety good at that, than an animation.
What do ya think about it?
possible answers:
2.Meh... better learn animation, I dont want to see movie incompleted
Well my computer is totally f#%*ed ._.


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Artist | Hobbyist | Design & Interfaces
My name's Михаил . I'm 14 at the moment, I live in the Odessa city (Ukraine). I begun to draw since 2 years almost everyday.
I have my personal dream of life.
Honestly, I'm not really great at presentations...
I'm creating plot for an «game-film» ,fully alone which will show the/ story of the...

artificcialy -hastily borned cat cripple that even didn’t meant to became an a hero, instead he didn't meant to exist.

But which will unite every sinle being due the missing instincts,
that were lost during the creation process, destroy the division of the world into the country, and will prove
that every living being is capable for great things... using only - faith
All the things will happen in my fictional world.
Setting - All the ages mixed together with robots,races, abnormall creatures and giant killing-robot mechs cities
and internet

Oh... there will be the «void» which erasing everything
and making abnormallies of all sorts and types. Oh and also parralel worlds abnormallies...
This will be the project where all
of my skills will be invested :drawing, 2d animation, storyboarding, plot writing, world-building, music composing and the most proffesional part is violin.
Everyday I'm trying to make my dream happen (tutorials,literature,lextures,how to compose music and e.t.c), detail are all located in my gallery, but the main description of the story placed here…
I'm doing my best to create something that will leave a mark in people's life, something that will exterminate a brand of a parasite user from me.
I just can't sit in one's hands and waste my life on nothing. Because I realized that magic felling when you create somehing more beautifull, than just a basic drawing.

P.S If what, I'm really interested in space engineers game, that I created an account on russian SE site. So, if you wanna me to translate all the ships, then you can ask me.

Thanks for visit ☺ ♥ ♦♣

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I really like your design, and I think that you are  a really awesome artist. Especially I like how you making concepts of creatures ^^
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thanks! (:
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MatesLaurentiu Featured By Owner Dec 21, 2015  Professional Digital Artist
Thank you for faving my tutorial, I hope you'll find it useful. :)
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